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Agromenorca is the reflection of AGROILLA on the island of Menorca. Established in 2000, Agromenorca has as its social purpose the production and marketing of fruit and vegetable products.

It is made up of four members and has farms in Menorca with an area of 45.6 hectares.

Agromenorca was created with the aim of offering in the market of Menorca an own production of the island, centralized in a unique offer and with common criteria of production, preparation and presentation. Under the same brand, it is facilitated that the products are typed, classified and standardized in accordance with current regulations, with viable means meeting the market demands.

During these ten years, Agromenorca SAT has had a policy of catching market to commercialize the production of its partners and to channel the production to optimally distribute it.

To mark its 10th anniversary, Agromenorca has opened a new fruit and vegetable plant on the island.

Era Alta núm. 11.
07714 – POIMA
Mahon – Menorca
Tel. 971 369521
Fax. 971 356731

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